What’s the most desired POS feature for convenience stores?

Although many different point-of-sale stores are still grappling with EMV conversion, the best system could still depend on what each individual business needs the most. Convenience Store Decisions recently spoke to Justin Guinn of Software Advice, who said that the function convenience stores most wanted from their POS systems is usually inventory management. 

According to a chart included with the source, this function exceeds other common POS uses, including barcode scanning, employee clocking and customer management. Guinn said that inventory is a prime concern because it otherwise involves a taxing amount of work. However, converting to EMV acceptance is still chief among the challenges for these stores.

"They're looking to automate previously tedious manual processes," Guinn said, referring to the convenience stores looking. "Rather than having to count the inventory themselves and tracking it on an Excel spreadsheet, retailers are looking for software that will automate that functionality."

On its own, inventory management encompasses a range of different tasks that the most up-to-date POS tools could help owners mitigate. In an article from Demand Media, Keith Evans looked at some of the different issues that affect inventory concerns in a convenience store.

When planning their budget for this area, owners have to acknowledge the variety of products they need to stock, as well as the wholesale costs of bulk packages. Evans also referenced the role that store location can play in inventory costs, since prices can change from region to region.

With the versatility of a strong POS system, convenience stores will improve their POS and still have a strong credit card processor for reliable transactions. Using the customer support 911 software offers, businesses may find implementation and best practices less challenging. Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

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