Where should you place your POS system?

While there are many different businesses that can use credit card POS software, some issues are going to be common concerns, such as where to place the actual terminal itself. Although all user businesses will want to keep their POS system in an accessible position, what this means will depend on what the establishment's layout looks like and how quickly employees will need to use important point of sale functions.

No matter what the business specializes in, employees need to keep the terminal within reach and make it easy for employees and customers alike to see. At the same time, businesses may want to keep the payment process separate from the store itself in its own alcove or entrance area, especially in a restaurant, or possibly below a counter. In both cases, the digital interface should be easy to use at a moment's notice.

When using multiple screens, the same concerns may apply. The access controls of the software itself can also play a role in how employees use necessary processes. If there are many employees moving quickly between terminals, the most commonly used functions should be both to use and accessible to everyone with the same authority.

An example of this could be the reservation system in a crowded restaurant: users will need to get to it quickly to address customer needs, and the easier it is to find, the faster the transaction may go. If speed is less of an issue, POS complexity could also be more acceptable, as employees take extra time to learn how to use the POS more effectively.

Considering the physical impact of credit card processors may save businesses the time and money of replacing an inefficient system later on. Check out our site for more details on credit card processing systems.

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