Which consumers are using EMV cards?

We've looked at many reasons retailers aren't accepting EMV cards, but what about shoppers? Which consumers are using these cards the most?

CreditCards.com recently featured some updated survey information on the number of credit cards with chips in them currently in use. Out of 932 cardholders, the source found that 70 percent are using an EMV card. Fifteen percent are not, and 14 percent aren't sure (1 percent of respondents refused to say).

Certain demographic groups are more likely to carry this kind of card with them, according to several other statistics presented by the site. College graduates, men, consumers between 18 and 29 years old and those who earn $75,000 or more per year are all generally more frequent users of chip cards.

To follow up on the large number of consumers wielding these new payment options, retailers and other merchants have to ask why they haven't made the necessary changes yet. Michael Moeser told CBS Money Watch that the process of establishing EMV use is complicated and has multiple stages.

"Just because you see an EMV slot on a terminal, doesn't mean it works," he said. After describing the lengthy certification stage merchants have to go through, he also added that, "The certification queue is currently very long as you can imagine that there are a number of merchants seeking to roll out EMV at the same time."

That source also noted the long wait for certification and the impact it's having on otherwise prepared businesses. If these establishments don't have the necessary card processing software on hand, they may feel behind the times.

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