Why your business should give up the PCCharge ghost

PCCharge was a formidable tool for many small businesses from its release up until the discontinuation of support announced by Verifone in May 2015. The ease of processing payments without much of the more complicated setups required in the past was an attractive feature for small businesses and no doubt contributed to PCCharge's popularity. However, Verifone has all but shut down the service and while merchants can still use it to process payments, it presents a number of risks. Consider these reasons for moving to more modern, secure and successful card processing software.

Compromised security

Because PCCharge is no longer updated or supported by Verifone, its security situation has changed drastically. PCCharge is no longer viewed as being compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Continuing to use it means merchants put their customers at risk as well as their own operations.

"Lack of compliance with the PCI DSS can cause many problems."

Lack of compliance with the PCI DSS isn't illegal on the federal level and is against the law in just a few states. A failure to adhere to the industry standard means running the risk of a fine from the PCI. It also could lead to negative experiences with customers should any type of fraud that compromises their payment information occur. That's one of the last things any business owner wants to deal with, due to both reputational issues and a potential decline in business.

Operational issues

While PCCharge will continue to function in its most basic format – processing card payments – it is no longer supported by Verifone, and it can't be upgraded or altered with any type of vendor support. For businesses that will or may eventually grow, develop or otherwise change, the inability to improve the existing payment processing system can mean major headaches. A lack of troubleshooting and other technical support is a serious mark against continuing to use PCCharge, whether or not you have plans to expand of change the way your business handles point of sale credit card processing.

Moving to a more advanced, PCI DDS-compliant and developer-supported platform is an important consideration for businesses that don't want to be trapped by the many and varied limitations that using PCCharge currently involves and will continue to include in the future.

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