Will you be there when they’re ready to spend?

Keeping updated and reliable payment processor software in your store is a means of acknowledging the different lifestyles your customers will exhibit, and it will allow you to anticipate various types of card users. While some may be reluctant to charge too many purchases, others might revolve their entire spending agendas around these kinds of options. There's a way it can work for both them and you.

Just look at a recent guest contributor piece to Forbes, in which analyst Greg Haney tells of his extensive experience making use of different credit cards and their rewards. For him, this meant choosing those specific cards that were the best for a particular task, and strategically getting the most out of the combination of rewards he saw, keeping his credit score high in the process. Obviously, not all consumers will approach their payments this way, but readying credit card payment processors to meet those that do can be a solid strategy anyway.

"So many money experts tell people not to pay with credit cards, which is crazy and the opposite of what smart consumers should be doing," Haney says. "The real problem isn't with credit cards; it's the consumers who choose to carry a balance. Paying off a balance in full each month will result in no fees or interest, plus accumulated rewards."

Whether your customers are seldom plastic users or charge-a-holics, they will most likely expect you to have payment processor software ready to meet their needs. And if more people take Haney's advice and start spreading their life over a series of cards, they may become even more important as a means of staying relevant.

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