With online privacy concerns higher than ever, vendors must ensure the security of customer information

In the wake of the NSA scandal, not only are individuals becoming increasingly concerned about the security of their online activity, vendors that engage in eCommerce sales may also find it difficult to maintain a healthy level of business. If consumers are wary about putting their information out there, those tasked with processing that data and are entrusted to keep it safe may find themselves in a tough situation.

As a result, a number of representatives of the online retail industry are reaching out to the government in an effort to alleviate these fears. Earlier this week, eCommerce professional Jason Oxman wrote a piece in the government blog Roll Call imploring the government to stay out of the online sales industry, stressing that government interference isn't needed and is really doing more harm than good.

"The payments industry understands the importance of protecting networks and data, and we have a long history of developing innovative solutions to ensure privacy and security in transactions," he wrote. "In fact, the standards set by the payments industry to ensure customer privacy are a model of security, and a real-world example of the ability of the private sector to regulate itself. While we must protect our nation's online infrastructure, we also must protect the private sector from further government encroachment."

Regardless of which side is ultimately right or what will eventually come of any disputes between retailers and regulators, the bottom line is that consumers are more concerned about online security than ever before. Businesses need to make PCI compliance and other measures indicating their ability to secure sensitive data a top priority.

Implementing payment processor software that can help ensure data security will go a long way toward reducing any fears customers may have about their information.

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