Ingenico Setup

1.Press 2-6-3-4-F

2.Enter TDA->Configuration

3.Communication->Select Comm. Type->Ethernet->Press Green key ( OK )

4.Communication->Ethernet Settings->Connection Method->Client->Press Green key ( OK )

5.Communication->Ethernet Settings->HostIP Address->>Press Green key ( OK )

6.Communication->Ethernet Settings->IP Port->12009->Press Green key ( OK )

7.Communication->Ethernet Settings->SSL->None->Press Green key ( OK )

8.Pressing RED(X-Cancel) key will return to previous menu…press it until it will prompt “Save and Reboot?”-> Choose Yes->Press Green key( OK )

Device will reboot…Enter “This lane closed”…leave it for a few seconds and it will start to download configuration and then it will reboot by itself

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